Site Use


Noah Purifoy Site Use Permission Guidelines


The mission of the Noah Purifoy Foundation is to preserve and maintain the art site developed by Noah Purifoy in Joshua Tree to be an Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture and open to the public. Site users must be aware that the grounds are a museum and that Noah Purifoy Foundation holds the copyright on all artworks on the premises. The artwork should be treated and viewed the same as one would at an indoor museum, no handling, climbing, moving or removing any objects, or defacing anything.

The Foundation will consider requests from anyone interested in professional filming, photographing or other use of the site on a per case basis, and requires a fee for use. If NPF deems a project and purpose within the scope of its goals, renters must release the Foundation from any claims resulting from any and all accidents, personal injury and/or property damage. Renters must also present a certificate of liability insurance and may also be required to hire a site representative. Please be aware that there are no restroom facilities at the site. The grounds will be available from sun up to sundown. Upon departure, the site must be clean, trash removed and, left in the same condition they found it.