Noah sitting on The White House in construction, Joshua Tree, early 1990s

Noah sitting on The White House in construction, Joshua Tree, early 1990s

© LaToya Ruby Frazier

© LaToya Ruby Frazier


VoCA Journal dedicates its issue to the work of progresive artist-endowed foundations.

Contributors to this Fall 2016 issue include leaders from the Noah Purifoy, Jay DeFeo, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell and Dedalus foundations. The journal features two contributions from  Richard Cándida Smith, the founding President of the Noah Purifoy Foundation. Read these fascinating insights at the article links below.



VoCA Journal: Art Is A Confrontation with A "Me" That Needs Improving

Historian Richard Cándida Smith recollects the beginnings of the Noah Purifoy Foundation, and his eventual position as the founding president of the Foundation. Smith recorded several interviews with Noah over the course of four years, and shares Noah's own feelings about the Foundation that was created in his name.

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VoCA Journal: Multiple Theoretical Directions: The Noah Purifoy Foundation Today

Richard Cándida Smith served as President of the Noah Purifoy Foundation from its inception in 1998 until 2001., when Joseph Lewis succeeded him. Recently, the two sat down to discuss where the Foundation started, how it has evolved since then, and what's next on the horizon in this second contribution to the VoCA Journal.

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The New York Times Magazine:      "A Pilgrimage to the Desert Shrine of Noah Purifoy"

Photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier traveled to Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Museum in Joshua Tree with her friend, the installation artist Abigail DeVille, whose own work is created from discarded materials. Frazier says. "When I saw Purifoy, I  immediately saw Abiigail." Frazier and DeVille's pilgrimage to the Mojave Desert pays homage to Noah's work, and is chronicled in the October 30 issue of The New York Times Magazine.. 

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Motherboard takes a photo tour of Noah Purifoy's desert museum

Naolmi Melati Bishop and photographer Aaron Purket take a photo tour of Purifoy's Outdoor Museum with a special focus on the "Junk Dada" electronic waste in the desert environment. Bishop  describes Purifoy's work in the high desert terrain - one of striking contrasts and inclement weather: summer days soar above one-hundred-degrees, and winter nights plunge to below freezing.

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The Creators Project spotlights Noah Purifoy and the evolution of his outdoor museum

The Creators Project Antwaun Sargent speaks with Noah Purifoy Foundation trustee Yael Lipshutz about how Purifoy's art practice has impacted both assemblage sculpture and land art. She shares the view of how pivotal his work is in the development of post-war sculpture and how it is yet to be fully recognized.

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